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Posted on 17th January 2019
Brexit negotiations are, in every sense, provoking anxiety in individuals and businesses. Many are asking ‘how will my job be affected?’ ‘How many jobs will be impacted?’ ‘Will we see an exodus of talent?’ ‘Will we need visas to visit the European Union?’ Will our tax structures change?’ And quite rightly so. These are all valid concerns in the current climate.
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Posted on 13th December 2018
UK business leaders are being increasingly pressured into making damaging decisions as global markets stagnate and shareholders panic due to their inability to realise desired returns on investment, says Andrew Kakabadse, Professor of Governance and Leadership at Henley Business School.
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Posted on 6th November 2018
New research indicates that organisational stewardship of boards has dropped to staggeringly low levels, meaning that only 18% of corporations worldwide have a strong sense of mission.
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Posted on 15th October 2018
The #MeToo movement has driven a well overdue need for women to feel empowered after sexual harassment allegations have rocked the foundations of society. But how has this extended to leadership in the corporate world, where females still remain woefully underrepresented?
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Posted on 13th September 2018
Office romances make employees more productive, but companies need to get better at managing the fallout from failed workplace relationships, according to new research out today.
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