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Posted on 6th March 2024
Do you have what it takes to become a new or improved board member and expand your leadership skills by taking on all of the challenges, relationship-building requirements and opportunities facing modern-day boards?
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Posted on 17th November 2023
‘What is a non-executive director (NED) worth, what risks do they face and why do large, complex organisations continue to fail?’
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Posted on 12th October 2023
As concern grows over the role and impact of generative AI tools, it’s clear it will soon be impossible to distinguish artificially-generated text from the ‘real’ thing.
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Posted on 14th September 2023
We are in a Fourth Industrial Revolution of unprecedented technological advancement, blurring boundaries between physical, digital and biological realms.
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Posted on 7th March 2023
Cybercrime has long-needed to become a critical priority for authorities, but government lethargy is not the primary reason it is currently flourishing.
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