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Posted on 17th November 2023
‘What is a non-executive director (NED) worth, what risks do they face and why do large, complex organisations continue to fail?’
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Posted on 12th October 2023
As concern grows over the role and impact of generative AI tools, it’s clear it will soon be impossible to distinguish artificially-generated text from the ‘real’ thing.
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Posted on 7th March 2023
Cybercrime has long-needed to become a critical priority for authorities, but government lethargy is not the primary reason it is currently flourishing.
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Posted on 28th February 2023
AI is already embedded within some boardrooms as directors recognise the benefits of its leverage to track the capital allocation patterns of competitors, but what are the risks?
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Posted on 11th January 2023
Unconscious bias affects our views of competence and influence hiring, promoting and developing talent. It’s time we became more aware.
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